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Net Development

Public Sector

The citizens’ expectations for more transparency in the transactions with the Public Administration, as well as the need for responsible and client-focused provided services, are bigger than ever.
The activities that will take place during the next years will be mainly based on:
• The change of perception and practice of Public Sector
• The reformation of our country
• The adoption of applications by the private sector
• The exploitation of IT Solutions

A.B.C.S. has proven experience, associates who are properly specialized, as well as the know-how to contribute by providing substantial support to the wider Public Sector, Regional Administration and Local Government, addressing the modern challenges and making the most of the new opportunities and technological possibilities in order to cover their organizational and functional needs.

Services Offered:

• Developmental Planning
• Reorganization
• Studies of Regional Growth
• Exploitation of Public Sector’s real estates
• Cooperation of Public-Private Sector
• Project management
Premium Services