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Franchise Services

In today’s complex market situation, it is common ascertainment the increased uncertainty and insecurity. Our own conviction is that exceptional opportunities are emerging at the same time, capable to distinguish the unique traits and the assets of your enterprise.
The franchising method constitutes the most dynamic method of growth for an enterprise. However, a proper strategy and support by experienced consultants are required for its success.

The A.B.C.S. consulting services on Franchise are addressed to:
• Enterprises willing to expand via franchising.
• Enterprises that are already activated with the franchising method and seek for further growth of their network.
• Businessmen, who seek to enter in a franchising network.

Services offered:

• Diagnostics study of the Enterprise / the Network
• Definition of the Franchise Concept
• Study of Feasibility / Business Plan on the Franchise System
• Research and choice of installation points of the Network
• Configuration of terms of collaboration with the franchisees
• Internal organization / Standardization of operation processes / Manual
• Book of information for Attracting franchisees
• Syntax of Franchise Agreement
• Attracting, Evaluation, Choice of franchisees
• Continuous support and growth of Network
Premium Services