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Marketing Services

The main role of marketing in any enterprise is the creation of value for their shareholders by covering the needs of their customers.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to implement marketing practices on a strategic level, within the company.
Decisions that concern the marketing mix, i.e. the management and the growth of products, the pricing, the distribution channels, the promotion, but also subjects that they concern in the customer-centered orientation of the enterprise, its differentiation from the competition etc, are of decisive importance for the achievement of corporate objectives, and they also constitute some of the questions treated by strategic marketing.
The Marketing Services Department of A.B.C.S. provides the essential know-how for the effective management of marketing issues of your company, which consequently increases the company’s turnover and profits.

Services Offered:

AdvancedBusiness2Export: The solution for the exports of Greek enterprises
• Research – Market Analysis
• Counseling Support in Exports
• Competition Analysis
• Distribution Networks
• Composition of Product Portfolio
• Marketing Plan
• Evaluation, planning and assessment of Marketing activities
• Organization and Supervision of the Marketing Department
• Organization and Supervision of the Sales Department
• Sales Program
• Sales Targeting
Premium Services