The demanded adaptation of us all, in the dynamic conditions of the economic environment, requires the systematic upgrade of our knowledge and skills. To respond to this challenge, we offer specialized and innovative programs of training addressed to Businessmen, Self-employed and Business Executives. These programs are shaped according to the specifications in question at the time, while they are planned to satisfy the specific educational needs and to face specialized questions of individual enterprises of both private and public sector organizations.

Our methodology to plan, organize and realize our training programs includes:
• Analysis and localization of educational needs
• Planning of programs that contribute in the acquisition of specialized knowledge and growth of dexterities, essential for the effective exercise of their duties
• Choice of the suitable instructors, such as of the educational methods and means
• Co-ordination for the realization of programs
• Evaluation of their effectiveness

Our training programs are realized only by experienced instructors who have also significant business work experience. At the same time, we collaborate with professional institutions, Greek and foreign educational institutions, and we make the most of their know-how and their experience, so that we can provide the most optimal solutions in the educational needs of our clients. The cost of the training programs can be covered from the “Special Account of 0,45” of the Employment Organisation Office (OAED).

The provided Training Services by A.B.C.S. cover the following Thematic Units:

• Business Administration
• Financing
• Marketing
• Total Quality Administration
• Sales
• Financing management
• Information technology and new Technologies
• Human Recourses Management
• Project Management